Production Executive - AQUA PRO+TECH

Production Executive

San Po Kong, Hong Kong

Posted on 1 October 2022

Status: Open

AQUA PRO+TECH welcomes exceptional talent with a passion for promoting the unique wellness and disinfection experience to all of our current and future customers. Unlike other sanitizing products, the AQUA PRO+TECH sanitizing series does not contain alcohol, harmful chemicals, MIT, and preservatives. The sanitizing liquid is proven to be safe and eco-friendly. It is colorless and odorless, and highly suitable for babies, pregnant women, pets, and people with skin allergies (e.g. Eczema). AQUA PRO+TECH multi-purpose sanitizing series is an indispensable series of products in purifying our living environment and protecting our customers’ families from attacking by bacteria and viruses.

You will be responsible for:

  • Organise production schedule;
  • Supervise and monitor day-to-day running of the production operation;
  • Production environment maintenance according to standard procedure;
  • Coordinate with other departments on production schedule and validation arrangement;
  • Assist in quality system documents preparation and maintenance.

To apply Production Executive for Aqua Plus Company Limited, please send to