Passes various efficacy tests of Europea standards EN14476 and EN1276, and American international standards ASTM E-1052 and ASTM E-2315, which were conducted under the specified environment in the acrredited laboratories by the recognized testing institutions. For details, please contact us for enquiries.



AQUA PRO+TECH multi-purpose sanitizing spray can effectively kill 99.99% bacteria and viruses by breaking up their cell membrane with the presence of abundant hydroxide ion, and deactivating its protease, RNA and DNA. As the indispensable product in purifying your living environment and protecting your family from attack by bacteria and viruses, it does not contain alcohol, harmful chemicals which is proven safe and eco-friendly; and is highly suitable for babies, pregnant women and people with skin allergy (e.g. Eczema).

Compliance with International Quality and Safety Standards
for Production and Packaging.

Dust-Free Production Workshop is certified by International Quality & Safety Management System

Dust-Free Clean Room

Remove dust from the staff before entering into the Dust-Free Production Workshop

UV Light Disinfection Pass Box

Sterilize all production materials before entering into the Dust-Free Production Workshop

Intelligent Production Line

Ensure products compliance with required standards

Quality Checking

Inspection of each product for strict compliance with standards before delivering to the Packaging Workshop

Personal/ Infants and Kids health Care

(Sanitizing hands, toys, tableware and personal items)

Pets Protection

(Eliminating nasty and unpleasant smell. Prevent fleas & cross-infection between humans and pets.)

Household Disinfection

(Disinfect home including wardrobe, shoes cabinet,air conditioner, floor, carpet, sofa, dining table, toilet, curtain, etc.)

Office Sanitizing

(Sanitize desk, chair, keyboard and mouse, stationeries, printer & scanner, conference room)

Car Interior Care

(Sanitize seats, steering wheel, air conditioner, purifying air)

Air Purification

(Spray in air rendering for purification)

Travel Kit

(Sanitize passenger seat, hotel toilet, bathroom, carpet, beddings, towel, slipper, etc.)


(Decompose odorants such as tobacco and alcohol, musty, garbage, refrigerator, shoes, body sweat, etc.)

Gym Equipment Sanitizing

(Sanitize all gym equipment, yoga mat, boxing gloves, sandbag, floor, locker, towel, etc.)

Hospital Protection

(Sanitize beddings, door handle, ward, toilet, curtain, locker, disinfect vomit, etc.)

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95% of users’ feedback

My daughter’s eczema is getting better after using AQUA PRO+TECH

95% users feel satisfactory

Go anywhere with AQUA PRO+TECH at ease

95% users feel satisfactory

Natural ingredients, no worry if accidentally getting into kid’s mouth, eye or nose

95% users feel satisfactory

It’s bravo to deodorize bad smell

95% users feel satisfactory

Simply spray, sanitize & purify all round

95% users feel satisfactory

Much better than sanitizer with alcohol ingredient, my hands won’t get dry after applying AQUA PRO+TECH

95% users feel satisfactory

Feel so safe by using AQUA PRO+TECH

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