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APT-3200 Portable Ultrasonic Sanitizing Machine (Machine Only)


APT-3200 Ultrasonic Portable Sanitizing Machine is a mini portable atomizer with a large-capacity of up to 1.2L. The wireless design is equipped with a 1200mAh battery and USB Type-C charging wire. By using ultrasonic atomization technology, it can be used with AQUA PRO+TECH Sanitizing Liquid to creates fine mist. As a result, reduce dryness & help sterilize the air to create a comfortable and safe environment for you. The design of single and dual spraying mode selection effectively expands the spraying coverage.


* This product should be used in conjunction with AQUA PRO+TECH Multi-Purpose Sanitizing Liquid


Product Feature:


  • Large-capacity with mini portable design
  • Wireless and chargeable design perfect for carrying outside
  • Atomizing the sanitizing liquid help to sterilize the air
  • Dual spraying mode effectively expands the spraying coverage
  • Single spraying mode helps to save energy

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    Product Specification

    Size: 11.7W*12.5D*15.8H(cm)
    Net Weight: 415g
    Capacity: 1L
    Battery Capacity: 4000mAh
    Charge wire: USB Type-C
    Spray range: 40-50 ML/H; 90-100 ML/H


    Areas of Application:

    It can used for household, office, restaurant, car, hotel, pet grooming house or any venue.

    *The nozzle of Portable Ultrasonic Sanitizing Machine may oxidise after a certain period of time, which will not affect its working condition.



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