Intelligent Disinfection Robot


Auto-pilot system

Pre-set routes and time schedule

Autonomous obstacle avoidance

Large spraying coverage

Mobile app precise remote control

The Intelligent Disinfection Robot is an sanitizing machine equipped with an auto-pilot system along with pre-set routes function. The device employs a nozzle-spray system, it can be used with AQUA PRO+TECH multi-purpose sanitizing liquid to create fine mist and to sanitize the air and all surfaces. The Intelligent disinfection robot is an ideal disinfect solution for large areas such as hospitals, malls, schools, offices and other public facilities.

Killing 99.99% Bacteria and Viruses in 60 seconds

AQUA PRO+TECH Multi-Purpose Sanitizing Liquid is proven to be effective in killing 99.99% bacteria and viruses in 60 seconds (including New Coronavirus) according to multiple European Standard Tests. The product is free of alcohol, chlorine-contained substance, and heavy metal. It does not cause eyes and skin irritation, and it is tested to be non-toxic for inhalation and ingestion.

International Authorities Certifications​

Safe to Use

Safe, Natural and Eco-friendly

Suitable for Babies, Pregnant Women, People with Skin Allergy, and Pets​

Suitable for where

Hospitals, Malls, Schools, Gym rooms, Offices, Lobbies or any venue