Mult-Purpose Sanitizing Series for Pets

AQUA PRO+TECH PETCARE presents the Multi-Purpose Sanitizing Series for Pets. The APT+ionsTM (the active ingredient) is proven to be effective in killing 99.99% of bacteria and viruses with the effect of instant deodorization. It is tested to be non-irritating to skin and eyes, and safe for inhalation and oral intake. The Sanitizing Liquid is suitable for daily use on pets, such as sanitizing pet hair, pet utensil and the whole body of pets after going out, as well as deodorizing pet toilets, etc.

Guardian of health

Chin Cleaning

Easy to clean acne
Say goodbye to black chin

Secretion And Genital Cleaning

Safe and mild ingredient
Suitable for overall cleaning

Wound & Skin Care

Wound cleansing and sterilizing
Prevent skin infection

No-rinse sterilization cleansing

Quickly remove dirt and bacteria
Suitable for pets that don’t like bath, or those who cannot take bath, such as newborns, sick and pregnant.

Sanitizing After Going Out

Effective in sterilizing and killing germs
Keep your fur babies health and clean

Toys And Utensil Cleaning

Safe for Oral Intake

Home Cleaning

Strong effective in deodorizing
And avoid cross infection

Before & After


Q Can I use it to clean my pet’s eyes or genital?

A AQUA PRO+TECH Multi-Purpose Sanitizing Series for Pets does not contain alcohol and harmful chemicals, and it would not cause allergy and irritation to skin and eye. Hence, it is highly suitable for cleaning up tear stains and genital of your fur babies.

Q Do I need to wash the utensil after applying the sanitizing liquid?

A AQUA PRO+TECH is safe and natural, which does not contain harmful chemicals or heavy metals, and is proven to be safe for oral intake. Thus, it can be used to disinfect utensils without wiping or rinsing with water subsequently.

Q Is it harmful to fur?

A As our products does not contain alcohol and harmful chemicals, it would not cause any damage to pet’s fur.