Venue Disinfection Service

AQUA PRO+TECH provides ad-hoc venue disinfection service, which can apply to all area and surface such as celling, floors, furniture, doors etc. We can provide on-site assessment and formulate the best disinfection solution to client upon request. The service could be provided on 24/7 basic with advance booking.

AQUA PRO+TECH ULV Cold Fogger is used for venue disinfection. It creates ultra-fine mist to ensure wide coverage of complex and hard to reach surfaces efficiently and purify air as well. It takes about 1 to 4 hours to complete (depending on the size of venue). Also, we will provide venue disinfection certificate label for client to enhance customers’ confidence after each venue disinfection service.

Killing 99.99% Bacteria and Viruses in 60 seconds

AQUA PRO+TECH Multi-Purpose Sanitizing Liquid is proven to be effective in killing 99.99% bacteria and viruses in 60 seconds (including New Coronavirus) according to multiple European Standard Tests. The product is free of alcohol, chlorine-contained substance, and heavy metal. It does not cause eyes and skin irritation, and it is tested to be non-toxic for inhalation and ingestion.

International Authorities Certifications

Safe to Use

Safe, Natural and Eco-friendly

Suitable for Babies, Pregnant Women, People with Skin Allergy, and Pets

Principles of cleaning after an individual with symptoms of, or confirmed COVID-19, the case has left the setting or area. For properties that have either been exposed to confirmed cases of Coronavirus, or suspect that they might have been, there is a clear duty of care to ensure that everybody whether they are staff, customers, or visitors, are protected from possible future transmission and infection.

The virus causing COVID-19 has been shown to remain infectious on any surface, hard or soft, for several days, thereby allowing it to infect many more potential victims of the disease. So, in order to provide comprehensive levels of safety it is essential to completely eradicate all traces of the virus from every surface and every nook and cranny of the environment in question.

Type of surface contaminated

Amount of virus shed from the individual

Time the individual spent in the environment

Time since the individual was last in the environment

BRShield x AQUA PRO+TECH Multi-Purpose Sanitizing Liquid

In addition, we also use BRShield along with AQUA PRO+TECH Multi-Purpose Sanitizing Liquid. BRShield is a durable long-lasting chemically bonded residual antimicrobial coating containing a quaternary based organo-silane compound. This scientifically proven chemical formula is unique in that it bonds chemically at the molecular level onto any surface to which it is applied.

Once chemically bonded, the surface coating cannot be easily removed after routine cleaning and housekeeping procedures including the regular use of alcohol or alkaline based detergents.

Therefore, once bonded to the treated surface, this semi-permanent antimicrobial surface coating will provide consistent, residual protection against 99% of all known pathogens and deliver a 99.99% or 4 log reductions in their numbers 24/7 for min of 180 days surface antimicrobial protection.

Suitable for where

Companies, Schools, Restaurants, Shops, Cinema, NGOs, Hospitals, Homes, Public Area, Trains, Buses, Minibuses, Tourist Buses, Taxis, Other Indoor and Outdoor Places