APT-5001w ULV Cold Fogger (Machine Only, Wireless) - AQUA PRO+TECH

APT-5001w ULV Cold Fogger (Machine Only, Wireless)


Product Description:

The ULV Cold Fogger can be used with AQUA PRO+TECH Sanitizing Liquid. It creates ultra-fine mist that can be sprayed for 8 metres range. The spray method helps insure fast coverage of complex and hard to reach surfaces that could be easily missed. Which helps performing venue sanitizing and air purifying effectively.


Product Specification

Size: 67.5W x 22.5D x 33H(cm)
Net Weight: 3.1kg
Capacity: 3L
Wire Length: 5 Metres
Voltage: AC220V/50Hz
Atomization Volume: 50-260ml/min (Adjustable)
Diameter of Fog particle: Can be reduced to 20um
Spray Range: 3-8 Metres
Certification: ISO9001 International Certification


Areas of Application:

It can used for venue sanitizing for hotel, residential, housing building, office, industrial building, school, hospital, construction site or any venue.


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