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APT-3000i Automatic Sanitizing Spraying Machine (with Pre-set Time, Machine Only)


*This product should be used in conjunction with AQUA PRO+TECH Multi-Purpose Sanitizing Liquid

Product Feature:

Convenient in use:

Compact design and operates with 3 pcs of AA batteries. It can be put anywhere, either on a rack or mounted on wall. It includes a refill bottle that can contain 300ml of AQUA PRO+TECH Multi-Purpose Sanitizing Liquid.

Round the clock comprehensive protection:

The spraying machine can spray at a designated period and frequency each day, and render round-the-clock and comprehensive protection to your family. It can also be used for air purification and remove most of the odor coming from pets, and renders a pleasant living environment for pet owners.

Areas of application:

Home (living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, toilet, cloakroom, storage room, etc.) And public areas (schools, hospitals, clinics, fitness centers, entertainment venues, elevator lobby, etc.)

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    Height: 20.5 cm
    Width: 8 cm
    Depth: 8.5 cm
    Weight: 500g



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